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, tom horn has led a fantastic group of volunteers on our sister city committee for paris and san francisco, and he's doing a marvelous job and this again reflects how our citizenry helps our city become a better city with these sister city relationships and again i want to thank you and the audience too who are volunteers in our -- i really, really thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a great part of our soul of our cities, and giving us the reasons why we can be an international city, so with that, welcome, mayor, and i look forward to not only signing the semlu, and our visits of our various government officials as well as private citizens to continue instigating wonderful ideas and implementing ideas, and with that, i would like to present to you on behalf of our city and to the mayor -- >> as everybody knows, we did have our 77th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, not quite as old as some of the things in paris, and so this is a set of prints, there's many of them. >> oh, i love the golden gate. >> so beautiful. >> celebrating our 77th anniversary. >> s
things. cities are the original sharing platform. we manage parking through parking meters. we manage books through public libraries. we manage our natural resources through parks. cities have played this role. in this bidding we're having this conversation in san francisco at -- it is negative beating -- it is fitting that we're having this conversation in san francisco at spur. i think it is off somewhere one of the first cities, i think the only city, and has put together a working group around the sharing economy. we are the epicenter in san francisco. we have a role to help nurture the emerging space. there is a lot of value to be created here. i am really excited to be part of the panel seeing all of these great people next to me. >> the people on the panel are going to tell us about their companies. let's come straight down the line. >> i am a co-founder and ceo of viable, a community marketplace for travel experiences. anybody can offer their services to others as a guide, offering touristrs, sailing ships, cookig class. we have enabled terrorism -- tourism to access parts of
. >> that touched on a really interesting thing. i was wondering -- how do cities -- what role do they play in your rollout plans, and how important is community management to the process? let me start with you, jessica. >> for us, we have chosen to launch city by city. we feel that is really important because it lets us take the time needed to build up a great community of people sharing cars. that lets us find great cars, educate the owners, educate the renters, and ensure there is the right balance and variety of cars. if you look on the site in san francisco, you will literally see cars all over the place. it is all over the bay area. you are seeing cars sharing happening in places it never had before. we worked with the city to see if there were any ways we could get out the word. we hope to work with existing programs or be added as an additional transportation solution. in general, we like to involve the city and city leaders in our announcement of coming to market, and it has been working really well. >> i know you have community managers all over the globe. what's going on there? >> airbn
they have also done it for the right reasons. they want to experience the city in a different way, but one that is in the tradition of san francisco and is reflective of mine, welcoming more people to share in the economy. hopefully the right reasons will create more jobs and get more entrepreneurs involved. i have often said this can be the city for the 100%. everybody can have a chance to fulfill their dreams and make sure they can have a stable income for themselves and their families. i think we are on the verge of discussing things that would invite other members of our city family, department heads, those who work in planning or land use, to be involved in an ongoing discussion that would potentially invite and open up our economy and modernize it even further. a year ago, david chiu and i did not know what the outcome might be, but we were afraid a company called twitter might leave our city and that thousands of jobs will leave this behind. we took a risk and suggested we might be able to revamp our tax code for the benefit of job creation. little did we know a year later,
? >> excuse me. the police commission will hold a spefsh meeting at a location other than city hall. it will meet in the southern district at the south of market recreation center auditor um at 270, 6th street, san francisco, on wednesday, october 17th, 2012. at 6:00 p.m. comments to the public and southern station, acting captain steven bomo concerning the southern district. >> i was waiting for the clock to come on so it is still off. so i will speak. i am not going to take two minutes any way. briefly, commissioners, good evening. i just want to make reference to the so-called electronic control weapons that i believe are the tasers. and while we are not calling them tasers, that the public is familiar with. and two, that you are going to have these actual community meetings and schedule will there be posted on buses or newspapers with the media or the people to actually see or will they be listed on the site because part of the problem is the public at large is that when they tis the certain events they put it on buses and put out 1400 posters and get a community to show up. in
right things to continue our success in the city. part of that success, is to work with great corporate citizens like unico and their efforts to make sure that they give their best effort to hire san franciscoans. today we celebrate not just a flag ship store but a store that has made corporate responsibility at the helm of their friend. there is over 500 people that they have already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. they have worked that magic with our office of economic development, having spent weeks to train people who may not have gotten this opportunity. but for their out reach in this store, and then, they created a buzz and excitement in our city. i know that people will not only appreciate the fabulous fashions here, that you just look at these prices, for the kind of quality that they have. and i know that we have smart shoppers like supervisor kim who will be here in a minute and others who look for that casmere brand and also are very affected by the price sensitivity of the quality store. and then i want to just give a shout out. there are peo
[inaudible] of working in a smart and efficient way. we work together on the program as smart cities where we want san francisco -- other cities to be modern cities but also civilized cities which means that consider that everything we wish for as far as economic development is concerned must consider the environment also, and the quality of the planet on which we live. with mr. lee, we talked about all these questions and of course we are going encourage all of these new companies and everything that enables us to improve our cities and make them a better place to live and less polluted place to live, as may it in transportation, management of energy, in san francisco and in paris, there are innovations that are certainly ahead of many other cities in the world and i want to learn from san francisco and of course paris is there for the san francisco team, may it be a development of electric transportation or automobiles or [inaudible] or the reuse of energy of heat to heat private buildings or public building by using waste water, i explained to mayor lee that a couple of years now, i worked
>> welcome to city hall. thank you for joining us. thank you for coming out. i want to thank members of the board of supervisors. i want to thank them for being here in this joint recognition of our commissioners and members of 14 different bodies that will be appointed today to committees and commissions. i want to thank all the friends and family for joining us. let me say how excited i am this past week, i have been watching a certain convention. next week, we will have an even more exciting convention to watch. it is of course, in the spirit of the expected national, regional, and state elections we are preparing for. it is also a reminder of the importance of our civic duty and all the different departments we have created. public engagement is extremely important to the way we run government in san francisco. it has always been about public engagement. we need the last bodies come a different viewpoints, different economic classics -- classes, ethnicities, and regions of the city to be well-represented on everything we do because that is what makes our city great. it is
to be introduced by commissioner kim on a supplemental appropriation from the city. >> i am sorry, what did i call her? >> supervisor. >> commissioner. >> and then we had a conversation about some potential future agenda items. i think that one of the things that deputy superintendent lee and i are working on trying to do is to have regular update sos that we are not trying to cram everything in april and may when we are making decisions around the budget but instead start highlighting the pieces and having conversations around some of the key issues. and so he has sent that list, we will be sending that list to all of you, and we would appreciate it if you would just run through it and see if there are particular items of interest that could help you think about what the next budget cycle will be looking like. >> great. thank you. >> i just wanted to thank you for the... i just got tonight, i mean that i just picked up out of my mail box the report of the mandated costs issue of the item that i requested and i don't... i mean that i am going to guess that nobody is thinking about this but i am go
to return and live in that building, and wouldn't be forced to relocation completely out of city. >> thank you. one of the things that i find interesting is when people talk about the african-american experience in san francisco and out-migration and one key point i hope to drive home, when we talk about economic development, we also talk about it in context of workforce development. when we talk about our budget situation where we are in the city, we also talk about cuts by virtue of simultaneously talking about revenue. when we talk about the african-american out-mike migration rarely do we talk about recruitment and retention. when we begin to talk to developers about who they use to market and where they market? that really has a significant impact as to which audience they are actually capturing? now if the city was truly interested in increasing the african-american population, then i would put that the city needs to take the initiative, as well as lead developers. when we are marketing these new rental units on the market, that we are advertising in ebony and essence and jet and so
of the goals of this city, the goals that i know our department environment is leading the effort and our city is leading the effort, the board of supervisors working with my office to show case every opportunity we can to have alternative modes, and getting off of oil, it's going to be explained to you in simple terms how you get on these things but i'm so excited already, matt, or mike, that i am presenting to you my personal membership to the scooter network. alright. [applause]. >> there you go, thank you very much for starting here. >> thank you, mayor lee, this is a huge vote of confidence, we're happy to have your support. i would also like to introduce another leader of our city who is a fellow two-wheel rider, board president david chiu is a dedicated bike commuter, he knows how to share the streets of san francisco with different modes of transportation, he's a tireless advocate for improving the transportation option sos we're happy, david to have you here supporting us in the opening of our public beta. >> good morning, is everyone ready to scoot? alright, thank you, michael, i am
is there provided by our incredible water department. these are critical city service and state services that we rely on every day. the government has formed the back bone of our economy like the university of california which i am a proud graduate off. we have been able to grow the tech industry thanks to uc berkeley, and the bio tech thanks to uc sf and san diego. and we need to continue to invest in our future and investing in education and investing in uc, and making sure that those intaoutions are protected. i think that government needs to step out by making sure that we are not being overly burdensome. i think that we make the citizen and businesses go to too many places at times. i think that there is a significant amount of bureaucracy that could be cut. >> you mentioned that education is one of the things that government has to be responsible for. >> california used to have a education system that was the envy of the system how do we get it back >> we get it back through funding it. from kindergarten to my time at uc berkeley, i just started dropping off my daughter at kindergarten thi
context. that don't have to pay any fair share of the cost that our city has to spend to deal with the 16 million tourists that come in every year. so that is another conversation that i think we need to have as well. as you can imagine, these are complicated issues, which is why it's taking me a little bit of time both to convene stakeholders and draft legislation, but i hope in the coming weeks and months that we'll have a proposal that we can all start talking about more publicly. >> thank you, president chiu. supervisor wiener? >> thank you. and i want to thank president chiu for his and his staff's hard work on this. i know there was a lot of dialogue and negotiation and i really appreciate that effort. i will be supporting the legislation today. i did initially have a concern with the original form of the legislation around the enforcement mechanisms and what that might end up looking like with our organizations that would immediately be able to run into court. and it just raised a red-flag for me, requiring administrative exhaustion so we can try to work things out within the cit
in san francisco is going to happen in the city's core, the soma, the mission bay, and new auto trends in neighborhoods are going to counteract our efforts to improve new travel times, [speaker not understood]. we know that it's going to take new ways of doing things, such as leveraging the private sector investment, between the core and the south bay. [speaker not understood]. where do we put new capacity and how much new capacity, and how much reallocating right away is it going to take. we analyze that it would take to actually achieve some of significant goals, so, in addition to just making sure we don't fall subject to those low speeds on the previous slide, we also have significant goals beyond just not letting our system deteriorate. so, we looked at what it would take to, for instance, reach a higher average level of repair for our transit system, capital transit system and for our roads. we look at what it would take to achieve a nonauto load share of 50%. a transit first goal. we looked at the city's -- and this was the climate action plan in conjunction with the climate ac
an application in august. today the nfl is expected to announce which cities are in the run for the 2016 and 2020 super bowls. they will formally submit a host city plan on may 7th, then two weeks later the city makes a presentation to the 32 nfl owners. we still won't know for sure whether or not they will be a host city till later next year. at least today we'll know if they are in the running. >> thank you. the giants now face a deficit in the national league championship series. they were defeated by the cardinals last night in game one one. they could redeem themselves tonight. >> reporter: some giants fans are hoping home field advantage will work in their favor. >> runner takes second and that ends it. >> reporter: they had an early 6-0 lead but the giants rallied with four runs, but couldn't keep the momentum, losing game one 6-4 to the cardinals. that is not discouraging giants fans. >> you have to worst seat in the house. >> is that right? look, you can't get any further away than this. >> doesn't matter to me, i'm a real giants fan. >> how much for the seats? >> $103. >> for the worst
of them are in the same state and it's more extraordinary that both of them are in the same city, san francisco so congratulations. [cheers and applause] so for context i just want to mention a few things and this is no news to all of you here in the room and the people standing up with me today, but today in america more than 10 million people are living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty and limited investment and opportunities for themselves and their children, and we know that one of the most important factors in determining the economic and financial success of peoples whether or not a child grows up in those high poverty neighborhoods? a. the fact that we can predict health, education outcomes of children based on the zip code, where they live is really a tragedy and it's not something that we as americans want to see as an outcome for the next generations and part of the obama's in fact and i have builds on this and the revitalization program and with choice neighborhoods including the planning grants we're announcing here in san francisco we intend to replicate that succ
-f-l will announce todf the city is in the running o host the event. >>> good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 and the nfl will announce today if san francisco is in the running to host a super bowl. >> reporter: we are not just talking about any super bowl. san francisco wants to host super bowl 50, a huge anniversary for the nfl that would include more than a week of events and celebrations. this is how this would work out. all the festivities would happen in san francisco. the actual game at the new 49ers stadium would be 40 miles down the road in santa clara. it's expected to open in 2014 and a stadium has to exist for two seasons to host the super bowl. san francisco is hoping to bid ant 2016 and 2017 games. the only super bowl in the bay area was in 1985 at stanford. the mayor submitted the application back in august and this is what's next. today nfl will announce which cities are in the running. if san francisco is one of them, it will host a plan on may 7th of next year. two weeks later the city will make a presentation to the 32 nfl owners. just to give you an idea, hosting a supe
to be the host city for the super bowl in 2016 or 2017, even though the 49ers are moving to santa clara and will be there by then. the mayor says the city has been quietly working with the 49ers to be the host city. the game will be played at santa clara stadium but all the activities would be focused in san francisco. >>> a sonoma state university student is recovering at a santa rosa hospital after falling from the third floor of his apartment building. it happened at the alleg grow student apartments in beverly park. here's the details. reporter: this white fence was broken when 19-year-old tyler glen fell three stories. his fall was captured on surveillance video we were able to watch. apartment managers did not let us use the video on air but helped the police determine what happened. >> at one point in the video, a dark subject that evidently fell, broke the railing here, and landed basically where we're standing right now. >> police believe the sonoma state college student was hanging from who pieces of wooden rail that came loose from the third floor. police say alcohol was invo
legislation that i submitted last week that includes amends that our city attorney noted does not need to be adopted through separate legislation. the impetus of this came from a number of initial complaints that my office received over a year-ago. involving suggestions that there were corporations that were illegal leasing out spaces for the short-term use by individual as kin to the use of hotels by tourists. legislation that we have before us strengthens an existing law, to restrict this practice known as hotel evasion. in 1981 the passage of the apartment conversion ordinance, which is second, 41-a of the administrative code made it illegal for residential propertis with four or more units to be occupied pore for less than 30 days. unfortunate le what we have found in recent years there has been a problem that has persisted due to enforcement challenges and a loophole in the law. in recent years we have seen many corporations sidestep this law by signing long-term loiss with property owner ises that their non-san franciscan employees can use the apartment as short-term corporate ho
am a shelter monitor for the city for city homeless -- city-funded homeless shelters. i would just like to speak about the right to return that in motivating residents they are going to be for more encouraged when they feel that they have this right in legislation that it becomes law. it's going to take everybody to make a successful redevelopment in alice griffin and the other developments. the more help you can get the better and from the other parties involved, supervisors, cities, developers. it will encourage residents to make more effort if they feel they have a guaranteed right. additional screening, i am a very present person in the tenants' association. i'm not on the board, but i come to all of the meetings and there is already a lot of misunderstanding about the additional screening and what they are saying at the meetings that you would need. so i think that would clarify it. also, having the third party to review the claims and discrepancies. the current housing authority hearing process is sort of run by housing authority. that people who are in the housing authority
cities it's citadel that we preserve our rental stock and protect it from being cannibalized for other uses. there is a market for hotels, corporate suites and condominiums and other uses and the answer is through an efficient production strategy that expands choices and notice through diminishing our rental stock. thank you supervisors for bringing this forward and preserving our rental stock. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. jane, san francisco apartment association and i'm here to speak on behalf of the rental industry and the corporate housing providers. thank you supervisor chiu for opening your doors and taking our input in this participate piece of legislation. what i have discovered in working on this policy is that most of the people that i represent do not rent for less than 30 days and, in fact, they don't rent for less than 90 days. although i would like you to all take into consideration that providing 90-day/six-month housing is important in our city for people coming in, for cancer treatment at ucsf, children coming here for california pacific medical cen
francisco board of education and the san francisco board of supervisors. the city and school district select committee. my name is david campos and i am the chair of the committee. madam secretary, if you can please take the roll? before we do that i wanted to thank the following members of sfgtv staff who are covering the meeting today. mark bunch and bill dylan. madam secretary. >> did you want me to read the first item? >> roll call. >> roll call. we haven't had one. supervisor campos? >> present. >> supervisor olague? >> here. >> thank you. supervisor chu? >> he's in route. >> [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> [speaker not understood]? >> and commissioner mendosa. >> here. >> thank you very much. madam secretary, if you can please call item number 1. >> thank you, supervisor. it's item 120 3 93, hearing on the student drop out rates as introduced by supervisor cohen. >> this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor cohen. before i turn it over to supervisor cohen, i want to thank her for being here. i just wanted to sort of just make a quick note about these items, number of
towards the highrise towards foster city, no fog on the span. fog bay bridge in sections, patchy, thick, carquinez bridge with a fog advisory, richmond san rafael bridge thick fog. >>> san francisco's city leaders could find out today if the 49ers new stadium is super enough to compete to host football's biggest game. cornell bernard at the new site. >> reporter: good morning. the new 49ers' stadium is taking shape behind me. just imagine the super bowl being played here in the next five years. that's what the city of san francisco is hoping for as it finds out later this morning if it is indeed this running to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the nfl requires the host team play at least two full season to qualify. super bowl would bring millions to the bay area and san francisco. a city which has proven it can host world class events. business owners say the pros of hosting a super bowl is amazing it >> i think it is aidan -- fantastic plus you have all the transportation issues to get to santa clara, very easy. phenomenal hotels, restaurants, hospitality >> it a wonderful idea. i'
% of the city's existing building stop. >> as for practicality in meeting safety standards, they are all necessary to address performance of existing building sites. >> barry, by the way, is running the new task force on what should we do about existing couldn't marshal -- commercial buildings, and how do we increase efficiency. >> energy first, but also water if this and say an overall resource deficience a -- deficiency. major consideration. >> with commercial stuff, there is a big stuff to look up residential features, and those include a wide range of things, some of which are already covered. but if i can read through a list of handouts, what are the other laws that apply to existing new buildings, and what is covered, so you do not think it is just green buildings covering everything? so, for example, and this must be tangential, but regulations have been required in the building code since 1974. has to do with the quality of life and your environment. living in a quieter city as part of the overall concept of what makes our city a more habitable, hospitable place. i argue that tha
, police are investigating the city's latest fatal shooting. officers found a man with a gunshot wound before 1:00 this morning. he died at the hospital. no word about a possible suspect or motive. >> this morning, bart police trying to determine why a man walked into3<0 the transbay tube he interrupted bart service for nearly two hours. he was spotted on cameras entering the tube at 'em 'em station 6:30 last night. police phone the -- found the man on a walkway an hour later. not appear to have malicious intent. trains were back in service shortly after 8:00. >>> san jose police arrested a woman believed to be possible for setting a string of arson fires. police arrested her at day night after fire investigators spotted her setting a fire. authorities had been staking out the area since late september when suspicious fires began breaking out in all 11 arson fires were set, no homes or structures were damaged. >>> this morning a marin county judge is expected to decide if a teen will stand trial on charges of trying to kill a mill valley couple and steal a celebrity chef's lamborghini.
redell live in the south bay with why the city of san francisco is rooting for the 49ers to get the super bowl here in santa clara. that story coming up. >>> plus, from high school drop out to nobel prize winner. the bay area professor who just won the prestigious honor this morning. >>> it has been a foggy start in the bay area. things clear at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. a lot ahead. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley has the day off. six hours to game time. >> bay area baseball fans holding on to hope after a disappointing home opener. the giants find themselves trailing in a series after losing to the cardinals. fans hope the turn around will make up for the sluggish start. >> we have christie smith live in san francisco if you are heading into the city. we begin with john henry smith live at at&t park this morning where the giants were beaten by the bull pen. good morning, john henry. >> reporter: good morning. the question is is today's game a must win? the answer is maybe
for business. >> it's good for business and good for the city and good for everyone. >> reporter: they are 3 and 0 on the road and they are hoping the energy of the crowd and home field advantage would have translated into a win but the giants get another shot and they will play again 430 and you can watch that right here on -- play again at 4:30 and you can see that right here on ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage starts today at 4:30 following an earlier addition at 4:00. we have complete giants coverage on our website click on the mlb tab and send us your photographs to and you may see them on the air. >>> they hope the bay area will be among the cities considered for the 2016 super bowl. we are told the annual fall league meeting is going on today and tomorrow in chicago and an official in the city is being considered after tomorrow's full day session. they say san francisco will be the official host city even though the game would be played in santa clara. >> it would bring a lot of revenue in. it would be great for the local restaurants et cetera, bars hotels
with the local hiring, you know, this city, as large as it is, with all of the city departments that it has, it has no -- not one state certified or federal certified compliance officer to make sure that the laws are followed. we don't have that here. and i don't know why it is so hard the fact that this city receives so many funds. and dealing with local hiring, i'm glad to see that that is in because of the fact you have a mandate here. and that mandate also deals with prevailing wages. you don't hear the full truth about what is going on and what should happen in this city. so i hope that my friend here, he brings up some better points, but i want to make sure that the amendment is definitely needed when you all meet tomorrow if this is on your tomorrow's agenda. thank you. he thank you, mrs. jackson, next speaker, mrs. lansburg. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is alex lansburg and i am here as representative of carpenters 22 and it was i that brought this to people's attention in last hour and granted it's unfortunate that it happened at such a late date. it nevertheless i fe
of the transbay terminal if it turns out the way that most elevated parks and cities around the world have turned out. so i just want to flag it as an area that i think will need continued focus from this group. >> thank you, director. that is always a good point to make. and i do want to mention and certainly bob can follow up on this. in addition to have a connection from the transit tower to the park and we are going to have a connection of other developments to the park. there will be direct connections from the towers and surrounding high-rises to the park. we are also working very closely with our team on putting out at some point soon, a concept of operations rfp that will be looking at both the facility, as well as the park level. and how to best operate it, and to secure it and insure that it is successful. we are looking at high line park here in new york as one of the models. that park has been successful and it does not have the level of taller connections that our park will have. and in addition to that, whereas you know we are going to be having a number of programming activities an
forward, a huge step forward in the city's remarkable leadership at the local, national, and international level in hiv prevention care and treatment. and the bridge research team, the history has just been remarkable in terms from the early days of the epidemic, in terms of the natural history of the disease, vaccine research, prevention measures, prophylaxis, treatment, testing technologies. as susan was saying, bringing this all together was integrating with surveillance work, with prevention work, and with community-based organizations. and this is really the san francisco model that really resonates in terms of how we approach the epidemic. the research is eloquent, it's rigorous, and it involves community at all levels. and that is something i think we really need to celebrate about what bridge research means today. so, at the office of national aids policy, our job is to implement the president's national hiv/aids strategy. the president released the strategy two years ago. this is the first strategy for the -- first comprehensive strategy for the united states since the first epide
in this community, we'll change our whole community. i don't believe that city hall has the answer. it hasn't had the answer. we've been from newsome to willie brown now to mayor lee. i don't think city hall has the answer. (applause) >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> i wanted to kind of get back up. i made a couple notes and a couple things i wanted to first and foremost echo mr. ace on the case. because i really appreciate, first and foremost, supervisor olague for entertaining the conversation around hosting the hearing. (applause) >>> and also had conversations with supervisor cohen and supervisor campos. and, actually a lot of what you've heard just now, people said they did not believe the hearing would actually happen, that we didn't really want to shed a light on what was going on, and that this idea that san francisco does not want black people here and that all of this is a concerted effort to get people out. so, i appreciate that this was hosted and that we've been able to move forward. i also want to acknowledge commissioners fewer, mendoza and maufus. i really appreciate the
francisco again and it starts after 5:00. while giants fans are hoping to bring a world series to the city, san francisco city officials are hoping to bring the super bowl here. san francisco is making a bid for an up coming game. thomas roman is live at san francisco city hall with the details on that. thomas? >> terry, san francisco finds out tomorrow if it makes a list of possible cities to host the 2016 and 20 sun 7 -- 2017 super bowls. fans are excited about the prospect even though the super bowl will be laid down in santa clara. if san francisco gets the chance to host the super bowl, the manager of the sir francis drake hotel on powell street said the city would enjoy a financial boom. >> it means all of the taxis would have business, all of the restaurants would have business, all of the hotels would have business. i would be able to keep my job. >> up for bid are the 2016 and 2017 super bowls. san francisco submitted its application on august 9th. it will be competing against all of the other nfl cities in the country. chuck davis who manages lefty odouls thinks san francisco wou
visibility from oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge showing free-flowing traffic. and the 880 interchange is 13 minutes from one end. and the golden gate 1 0 1. the drive in coming out of the north bay. and on our traffic maps and downs of blfog various. be mindful of the cars in front of you but the rest of the bay looking decent. the westbound 24. walnut creek through the san ramon valley and as we turn our attention to west 580. one of the first areas will be the altamont pass. but still plenty of greens on the roadway. >> thank you. ross mirkarimi is officially back on the job this morning as he was reinstated. four of the votes however called for his permanent removal of official misconduct. he pleaded " guilty " to misdemeanors. and gas prices are also continuing to increase over the bay area, slightly. over to last week. triple a saying that the prices you can seize san francisco is down one penny you can see in the san francisco the prices. according to aaa. last week the price is in san francisco for nearly $4.73. after a lengthy delay it is finally mission accomplish
and much of the kind of field training before the operators get on the city streets, that frees up at the presidio decision so it could be redeveloped as a joint development project, that would -- within the zoning for the area, that would build private development that would enable us to rebuild that facility, it's i believe our oldest facility is the original muni head quart erps, the 100 year-old facility would allow us to rebuild that facility and retain it as a bus facility but move in our overheads line division which is in a masonry building right down here on division street, which we need to get them out of because it's not a safe facility for them to be in. so, that's kind of how that move happened. there's many other moves that happened to make all of this planning fit, but that's the likely other use of the bayshore lease facility, and mr. rose is right, there's nothing that guarantees by entering into this lease, that that actually happens, but it will be the recommendation likely that comes out of our real estate master plan that we will need to make happen in order t
of all people who live in the city are met, housing needs that is. >> thank you. supervisor campos? >> i just want to make a very brief point that i don't think that this dashboard is the panacea, but as supervisor olague says is another tool. having more information is helpful and if this were jobs and you knew that you needed to create x number of certain types of jobs, as you create each job, i think you want to keep track of how you are doing in that objective. that is what this is. simply providing that tool for us to know where we are, but in the end, the answer is not the tool itself. the tool simply helps you have the analyses to know how you are doing. >> thank you. and i did want to thank miss campbell fort great report and the data and analysis is really useful for us. so why don't we open this up for public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? please come forward. we have sue hester. >> sue hester. i would like to start with thanking supervisor olague and supervisor campos and anyone else who sponsored this legislation. i have been pushing for
in the city. because there was the 10th and market project, i know started out as for-sale units and asked for a conditional use to be considered as rental units. you know, 55 laguna, the project i worked foreperson seven and a halfs and we sat with open houses and debated whether that should be 100% affordable low-income senior housing or not or mixed-use housing? recently those project sponsors came back and wanted to maybe sacrifice some of the middle-income affordable housing for the financing of the senior housing? so that is -- these debates are endless. so i think again it would help to have just, you know, more holistic approach to this whole thing. i don't think we have the appropriate analyses sometimes or least i didn't feel that way when we were approving project-by-project things. and i think there is always room to include more information. and so i don't think the conversation ends today. >> thank you, supervisor campos? >> thank you, you know, i have been on this board for four years now. and one of the things that i am very proud of is that when it comes to land use dec
.com was made and myself as a professional architect and i think citizens of the city would air on the side of the and at one time there was language in both the general plan and charter that was somewhat less stringent. as a result there was a succession of harsher and stricter language in the plan over the decades until 1996 when it was much more stronger language was placed into the charter which said that construction on union square required two-thirds of the vote of the board of supervisors, which the mta is proceeding with here today in this resolution. but also, 4.1 13 subsection of the charter says any construction on a park requires the vote of the electors. thank you. >> thank you, mr. wong. i did have a card from sf neighborhoods coalition. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i am on the chair for the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods land use and housing committee, but i would like to speak on this issue, because it's so important. and the coalition does support save muni in regard to central subway. i do want to support the attorney general representing save muni, howard
" noww city olice plan to re- &ppealuate security measures (gulielmi)"whaa wwre doing now - pn ressonne to that is meeting certain incidents oo concerr that the police deptthas and we want to make sure the clubs fight against viooence."//// r - fatal shhoting east altimore weekend: on east baltiiore street a 19 yearrold was shot multiple times.... and killed. &p/////shooting north avenue//// there was a shooting on north avenue.... ////caa driver obbeddand shot swann drive//// and on swan street a cab driver wassrobbed deliverr man shot terrafiira happened on terrafirma road pome ways thhy arr easy in parrets thhy carry cass,, a 499year old man was -3 shot during a hooe invasion on jack street.... ////18 year old high school ssudent killed, 6th stteee//// ann 18 year old -tashawwa jones, a student aa harbor city high school was fatally hot on 26thhstreet. (anttony guiliilmii"it appears that is a case of domestic violence from what we caa see at this the next couple of days we are phat case as well""---as live another man is dead aater he wasshit by a police cruiser in south b
folks headed into the city many patchy fog bay bridge thick fog carquinez, same story with the richmond san rafael bridge most of the bridges with the exception of san mateo bridge experiencing fog. if you are headed out now drive times over the altamont pass highway 4 westbound and east shore commute into the bay bridge. >>> this morning, contra costa county deputies trying to figure out what led to a deadly double shooting that left a man and woman dead it happened in -- between pittsburg and antioch deputies arrived to find the man already dead and woman suffering from gunshot wounds paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she died. no word on their relationship or possible motive for the shootings. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's department and she will be live at 6:30. >>> 49er fan recovering from serious injuries after getting stabbed near candlestick park yesterday before the game investigators say two men approached a 27-year-old elk man headed to the game that lead to a verbal confrontation. one of the men stabbed the man in the torso and the neck. police arrested t
a thunderstorm too if you are south and east of the city later this afternoon as the showers move through. bring an umbrella. not going to be raining every minute. temperature at reagan national, it is in the 60s. very comfortable. 66degrees this morning in washington. 64 in new york. cooler to the north and west and that cooler air will start to work its way back in later tonight. here is your forecast, lots of clouds around. a few scattered showers. highs, we'll go 72 in washington and 75 in leonardtown. that way be the warm spot. you can see 60s north and west of the city later this afternoon. >> okay. thank you. >>> time now to hit the roads with julie wright. good morning to you, julie. >> be careful. they may hit back. may hit bac wisdom were we were ou at butler's orchard over the weekend. saturday is the day we picked. we should have gone yesterday. yesterday was warmer f you haven't had the chance to take the kids there, it's lot of fun. >> okay. >> and get on the hayride too. >> we'll talk about your pumpkin later. >> i haven't carved it out yet. hard to put tucker's face on it. i'm wo
out there at least some of which including the mutual association of new york here in new york city are getting tax payer dollars yet we don't know what they are actually doing with that money. >> it's not acorn. these are new groups. it's not the same thing. >> these are groups that have the same directors have the same tax id numbers tame employer identification numbers in many cases the same employees. >> congress cuts them off they change names. >> i can tell you when i worked at the house over site committee as an investigator we went to an inspector general's office and an auditor told staff when we found direct evidence of say corn housing misusing federal grant money the auditor said, look, it's $10 million. it's a $10 million grant. when you are dealing with that little amount of money we don't send an audit. >> these are poverty workers i assume most of them are helping people there are a few bad apples or acorns. but so what if it's the same people. they weren't all trying to help the fake pimp break the law. >> it is special concern if they are getting our tax dollars to
be happy to split super bowl-related events between the city sfwls a city is a city. i think people want to come and have a good time and spend their money here. >> i definitely want the super bowl to be in santa clara because my son will take me to the game. >> reporter: if the nfl announces tomorrow that san francisco is in con teng ftenti have to make a live presentation in front of nfl owners in may who will have the final decision. live in santa clara, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> a political fight over san jose's police department intensified this weekend. and it has to do with the city council woman who's up for re-election and is making some controversial accusations. >> her comments, attempt to disparage an entire police force. >> the newest controversy stems from a campaign advertisement many san jose voters got in the mail on friday. in the mailer council woman rose herrera accuses police union leaders of encouraging tactics such as delaying response time and not making arrests. she's running on a platform of pension reform and today her critics includin
that is expected to happen here at the region and specifically here in the city. and we also discussed some of the challenges that are facing not only the city and county of san francisco, but the other jurisdictions as the region moves forward with its transportation plan. as you probably are aware in your agenda today, we will have later in the agenda a presentation about the san francisco transportation plan, which is actually the long-range vision for transportation investment by the authority here in the city and county of san francisco. that plan is mandated by state law and its purpose is to really figure out what the transportation needs for the city long-term are. and, so, i think it's important for us to begin the discussion of what those needs are, what the future looks like, and what the challenges in meeting the needs that the city has and will have, what those challenges will be. we need to think about this issue and specifically focus on ways in which we can bring revenue into the system, the kinds of investments that need to be made not only by the county transportation auth
of the owings mills area. this is 29 for two ellicott city. traffic is still rather light in terms of volume. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> howard county police issue may alert asking for help in finding a missing man. charles turner was last seen on saturday afternoon leaving his home in ellicott city. he is 5 feet 11 inches tall and talented 10 pounds -- 210 pounds. he is driving a lexus suv. turner was last spotted in that vehicle in fort meade. he has dementia and requires most vocal medications -- he has to mention and requires many medications. a memorial service will be held this week from last week's deadly row home fire. >> firefighters reminded residents about fire safety. all was their goal -- what was their goal? >> fire officials want to make sure every home in the city has a working smoke detector. if they don't, it's easy to get one. the city's 311 smoke detector program guarantees if you call, firefighters will be out within two hours to install a working smoke detector on every floor of your home. more than 300 firefighters were involved in a sweep of the city y
have a look at how the city is preparing. >> we are standing here in october because last winter was so unusually mild. dare i say warm. they are hoping that two years ago, 2010, does not happen again, but if it does, we will have enough trucks and enough salt. the winter of 2010, back-to-back blizzards, snowmaggedon. the d.c. area was buried four days. council member larry tate was no fan back then. >> i thought we were caught flatfooted. >> will the city be ready if this coming winter producers of lizard that shut everything down again? -- produces a blizzard that shut everything down again? >> we are ready. >> it is still hard, much harder than it should of been for the residents. >> the city purchase 45 new snow plows, and this time around the city has a contract for 50 additional heavy plows if needed. >> we were overwhelmed. i am glad we have got more. >> the city has parked and ready to go and contingency plans for the upcoming storm season. in 2010, the salt around the city when dry. and now the city has contracts with not one, but two companies to get more salt if needed. and n
they won the world series. >> i have a lot of friends in other cities and towns and other states, yankees fans, rangers fans, et cetera. so it's nice to see them prove they're back here again and it wasn't just a one-time deal. >> it's huge. you got 2010 world champs versus the 2011 world champs to be the 2012 world champs. so it's big. >> it's scary when you're facing a team with a lot of heart like the giants. so i think they're ready to battle. they're ready to come in here and it's going to be hard to stop them. >> the nice thing about this year's postseason is that the fans seem to be more relaxed. able to enjoy the experience without being so stressed out as they were in 2010. when everyone was eager to see the giants win their first world series in over 50 series. but make no mistake, fans want their team to go all the way like they did two years ago. >> the fans can afford to be excited, but the players have to stay focused. at least that's their job. for a veteran it's easier than the newer to -- newcomers to the playoffs. rick quan joins us live with a preview of the best of sev
for that or potentially at city hall. we mentioned the law library as an unresolved space matter, i don't want to get into the logistics of that today but note that as a potential, but we think the most viable potential use is related to the fact that the building is half a block away from the fspuc headquarters, we have not been able to move everything into that fspuc and we'll be executing a hold-over for upwards of 13 thousand square feet to meet some of the waste water and consultant space needs that puc has, so clearly there is a demand for public space, the pricing of this agreement subject to this ratification item is similar to the cost of city owned buildings, so it is far below the market rate which currently according to the most recent report we have from cbre is running at about 30 dollars and 90 cents per square foot, this is at a fixed rate at 24.7 rate per square foot, fixed until it concludes, from the march commencement date, that takes us to 2021 at 20 dollars and 47 cents a square foot so we're nearly a third under the market rate, so hopefully with that information, you have a c
and opposition forces are fighting for control of the northern city of aleppo and the central city of homs. human rights activists say more than 30,000 people have been killed in syria since the uprising began in march of last year. they say more than 300,000 have fled to neighboring countries. brahimi plans to visit damascus this week to present his proposal to president bashar al assad. brahimi visited a longtime ally of syria to look for help in ending the crisis. he met with foreign minister of iran ali akbar salehi. salehi said the syrians should deal with the crisis themselves. he proposed an election be held to resolve the conflict. brahimi said the supply of arms to syria should be stopped before the situation gets worse. international activists are accusing syrian government forces of using cluster bombs against rebels. they say government forces have also dropped those weapons on civilians. spokespersons for human rights watch say government planes dropped the bombs over residential areas including suburbs of the capital damascus. cluster bombs scatter hundreds of smaller bombs across a
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